Safe internet

Is your Internet up to date?

Do your website, e-mail and Internet connection use modern, reliable Internet standards? And, if not, what can you do about it? Your access, hosting, and mail providers must ensure that modern Internet standards are set up correctly. Do the test results show shortcomings? Then pass it on to your provider (s). If you use your own Internet connection, Web server or mail server, you need to get started. We not only test whether standards against mail spoofing are present on your domain name, but also whether they are strictly set up so that misuse of a domain is actually counteracted. Fortunately, we see a strong growing number of domains with a 100% score, but there are still too many domains that do not or do not fully comply with modern Internet standards. We would test your website for the following components below where 100% is the maximum safe score.

  • Accessible via modern Internet address (IPV6)
  • Domain name signed (DNSSEC)
  • Connection sufficiently secure (HTTPS)