Web Application Scanning for Developers

We are always looking for the best solutions to search for vulnerabilities in web applications. With QualysGuard WAS (Web Application Scanner) we can reduce the threshold, so that all web applications, websites and webshops, can be tested without major investments!

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With our QualysGuard WAS Development Managed Service you can test the software that you are developing for your clients and repair any vulnerabilities found, even before a website goes live.

After each scan we will send you a scan report containing the discovered vulnerabilities and suggestions for solutions. After repairing the vulnerabilities, a re-scan can be requested. And after the website is gone live, you may run an extra scan, so ensure your customer that you have delivered a safe site.

Besides QualysGuard WAS we may use our other top license for searching vulnerabilities, BurpSuit Professional, which is typically used for PenTesting purposes. On demand we also offer a Web Application Penetration scan (WAP).

Website builders who are allowed to carry our ForusP Secure Seal have proven that they program safely and check this regularly by running security scans throughout the development process. This ensures that websites or components are delivered as safely as possible.