Web Application Scanning for Website Owners

The use of web applications/webshops entails certain IT security risks. For website owners we offer the best solutions to search for errors in web applications. Using QualysGuard WAS (Web Application Scanner) we can reduce the threshold so that all your websites and webshops can be continuously tested for safety without large investments!

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With our QualysGuard WAS Managed Service we can test your websites several times during the year and, for instance, after each major adjustment. The scans can be performed monthly (15 scans), weekly (60 scans), daily (365 scans) or on demand. After each scan, you will receive a scan report containing the discovered errors and suggestions for solving them. After repairing the vulnerabilities, a re-scan can be performed. New vulnerabilities are detected and added to our scanner every day, thus it is important to keep up-to-date.

Your website also will be monitored for Malware.

Our Premium managed Service includes daily vulnerability scans, Malware scans and a quarterly SSL check. This way you will be ensured that your websites stay safe at all times.

To minimize IT security risks or misuse of web applications/webshops and IT infrastructures, we recommend that you perform a Black Box security review at least once a year. This approach is also known as Penetration Testing (PenTest). With a PenTest, a web application is investigated for possible leaks in the application and environment. We will use, in addition to an in-depth manual control, our QualysGuard WAS scanner and other scanners including Burp Suite Professional. We also use network and port scanners including QualysGuard VM (Virtual Management), Nmap and Nikto.
As a visitor of a website with the ForusP Secure Seal, one knows that the security is regularly monitored and, if necessary, immediate measures are taken to protect data in the best possible way.